Nature Trail

Nature Trail

Camp Shands Nature Trail Map

Visit the link above to view and download a printable .pdf map of Camp Shands.

Since the map is geospatially referenced, you may save it to your mobile device and use a mapping application such as AVENZA (free from your APP store) to “see where you are” and record your tracks.

Trail Descriptions

Blue Trail - The Levy Prairie Trail

Take a walk along the prairie!  The Blue Trail is a 2.7-mile adventure that leads you through some of the most diverse and pristine habitats of Camp Shands.  You’ll walk the northern shore of Lake Loyal, the eastern edge of Levy Prairie, through the live oak hammock, and into longleaf pine habitats.  You’ll visit a young planted pine stand as well as a mature longleaf pine forest which undergoing restoration efforts by the Order of the Arrow and many Scout units.  The Blue Trail is a great way to learn about the ecology of Camp Shands with its educational signs provided along the way.

The Blue Trail may be accessed in the Ames Parking Lot or near the Ecology Building.

Yellow Trail - Thompson Baker Nature Preserve Trail

Did you know Camp Shands manages the entire shoreline of Lake Loyal??  The Yellow Trail is a 2.0-mile excursion that guides you around the lake, through mixed hardwoods and slash pines, past the water tower, and through Camp Davis.

Please plan accordingly: There are no shortcuts, water faucets, or bathroom facilities on the other side of the lake.

The Yellow Trail can be accessed at the powerline west of the Taylor Dining Hall or near the Ecology Building. 

White Trail – Cub Walk

This trail is an easy 0.3-mile walk along the north side of Lake Loyal.  You will learn several interesting facts about nature along the way.

You may access the trail from the southeast side of the Taylor Dining Hall or near the Ecology Building.

Red Trail - Alternate

The Red Trail is a 0.5-mile roadway that serves as an alternate trail to the Yellow Trail in event of high water or your decision for a more straight-forward walk (it will divert around Lost Lake).  ENJOY!

Coming Soon!  Patch Program

The NFC Conservation Committee is developing a 3-part patch program to recognize completion of the two main trails at Camp Shands and the trail at St. Johns River Base --- look for more info soon!

North Florida Council Conservation Committee

If you have questions or are interested in assisting the Conservation Committee with trail maintenance, the patch program, Leave No Trace education, conservation project awards, or other programs, please contact:

Conservation Committee Co-Chair, Ginger Morgan

Facilities Director, Robert Burns


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