Pack for Camp

Use the COVID-19 NFC Plan guide to update what to bring to camp and pack (Page 14 of the COVID Plan document)


Scout uniform, thin jacket, raingear, t-shirts (5 or more), underwear (6 days), hiking boots with heavy socks, socks, tennis shoes, hat or cap, swimsuit, handkerchief, watch, pajamas.


Toothbrush and paste, bath towel and wash cloth, soap, insect repellent (lotion, non-aerosol), sunblock, comb/brush, beach towel, lip balm.

Camp Necessities

Sleeping bag, backpack, flashlight with fresh batteries.

Suggested Items

Sunglasses, fishing gear, camera with film, compass and spending money.

Merit Badges Items

Scout handbook, pen/pencil and notepad, Unfinished partial badges and merit badge pamphlets, pocketknife.

Don't Bring

Electronic valuables, such as radios and portable game players; expensive cameras (one-time use works well!).

How to pack it all

Check with your troop on the preferred type of pack, but soft packs vs. footlockers are better for packing purposes. Soft backpacks can fill voids when hard plastic cases require plenty of stacking room. Shoulder strap packs are also easier for scouts to carry into camp and on hikes.

In your pack, consider dividing your outfits into plastic bags for each day of the week. They are easier to sort and waterproof. Just like weekend camp, make sure there are plenty of extra socks and an extra pair of shoes for when sweat or bad weather strike.

For more information: read your Scout Handbook, Chapter 9, which deals with Camping.

Please DO NOT send unnecessary items to camp that might get broken, lost, or stolen Camp Shands is NOT responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items.