Shooting Sports

North Florida Shooting Sports Academy

Camp Shands is recognized as one of the finest shooting sports facilities and programs in the nation. We offer merit badge classes and advanced courses to increase proficiency. Every member of our staff is BSA National Camp Certified. Most are NRA/USA Shooting Sports Coaches. We are the only camp that provides an unlimited supply of ammo for students to learn how to shoot with proficiency.

  • High quality firearms
  • One of ten councils in the nation offering Basic Pistol Marksmanship
  • Individual coaching for all classes
  • NRA Winchester Marksmanship program
  • NRA Postal Match program
  • Traditional archery
  • La Porte archery where the shooter aims at moving foam target, shot hits with amazing results

BRAND NEW: Three-Gun Airsoft Experience

A fun recreational program for new shooters. This experience offers a great introduction to the world of shooting sports, giving shooters an opportunity to shoot at fixed targets using three guns (pistol, rifle and shotgun) in a timed event. Who will carry the Camp Shands top time in 2019?