Scout BSA Summer Camp Programs

Camp Shands offers a variety of afternoon and evening programs. Is your troop competitive? If so, join in on the sports competition with a new sport—GA GA ball. Or do you want to ride the new slides? Maybe you want to go take out a canoe? Or learn about the Native American dancers? Or test out the Xtreme Obstacle Course. The list goes on and on. 

Don’t forget to check out our daily themes. Wear your favorite super hero costume on Monday or bring your Hawaiian clothing to the Luau on Friday.

Our staff are committed to providing the warmth, patience, and understanding for the Scout who may not understand the instruction or who finds a skill challenging to learn.

One of the best reasons to attend Camp Shands is the program opportunity for young and advanced Scouts. We will offer several programs that meet the needs of your Scouts. 

Summer camp is not a merit badge mill, where you pay a fee and get six merit badges automatically. Instead Camp Shands offers merit badges as one portion of the overall program. 

  • The most difficult badges to earn are those requiring a great deal of physical skills, coordination and stamina, i.e.: lifesaving, shotgun, climbing.
  • Many badges have advance work that could be done at home and not at camp. Experience shows us that camp is not an ideal classroom for written work and the smart Scout is one who comes to camp with all the written work already done.
  • Scouts should try something new at camp and get a well-rounded experience. Try a handicraft badge, an ecology badge, an aquatic or outdoor badge combination.
  • Come to camp prepared. Have patrols already organized. Elect patrol leaders before camp. Work on ideas as patrols and have the “patrol leaders represent the group” at camp. 
  • Don’t forget to schedule rest. That’s right. Too often, you don’t take the time to sit and enjoy the beauty at camp around you. Don’t keep such a pace that you miss the trees, the nature, and the clean fresh air.
  • Be spirited. The troop that comes to camp with ideas and spirit and challenges makes the rest of camp come alive. Bring your troop cheer to camp and show everyone that you’re number one.
  • Be flexible! Our courteous staff will do their best to help you but sometimes things happen.
  • Communicate. If you have a special need or want to do something spectacular, tell us about it and we’ll give it our best shot.