Advancement Reports

At the end of the week, the camp staff will enter all advancement reports into Tentaroo system. A printed copy of the report is put in the Unit Checkout Packet, but at any time in the future the unit leader can log back into Tentaroo to check the advancement report. Please double-check the advancement report before leaving camp to make sure everything is correct as it is easier to fix mistakes at camp than afterwards. 

Blue Cards

The majority of councils, including the North Florida Council, accept Tentaroo reports for merit badge advancement. If your Council requires Blue Cards or some other form, please bring these with you. We do not keep blue cards on hand at Camp Shands. Once you have filled out the preliminary information, please turn them into the Program Director by Wednesday of the week you are attending and we can sign them off for you. They will be ready in your Unit Checkout Packet

Scout Handbook

Camp Shands follows the National standard of not signing off in Scout Handbooks. Instead we leave this to the Troop leadership to sign. Trailblazers will receive the same Advancement Report as the merit badge programs, but we highly encourage the Troop leadership to review the requirements with the individual Scouts to ensure they have actually learned the necessary skills. Any extra requirements that Scouts have completed during Open Scoutcraft will not be included on the Advancement Report.


Not every Merit Badge can be completed at camp. If a Scout can bring proof that he completed the requirements before camp, the merit badge instructor can sign off on the individual requirements for them. The Advancement Report will list every requirement completed. The following page details requirements that cannot be completed at camp; however, there may be others that cannot be completed based on weather and the individual session. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but instead a guide for choosing merit badges.

This chart details merit badges that we know will not be completed at camp along with a brief description of the requirement. The description is meant to help with planning purposes and should not be used instead of the actual language of the requirement. If Scouts can bring evidence of completing the requirement before camp, the instructor can sign off on the requirement.