Catapult Challenge

A NEW tradition at Camp Shands and one of the more exciting competitive events, the Catapult Challenge is to challenge your scouts. On Thursday Evening, troops compete for the ultimate prize, “Champion of the Catapult Challenge”. This competitive event, test the lashing, knot tying and design abilities of each scout, and their troop. This is a fun and exciting event, there are several RULES and REGULATIONS that each troop must abide by or risk being disqualified and unable to compete.

RULE #1: There will be TWO divisions in this years’ event, a Natural Material division, and an Open division. Catapults with any material that is not a Natural (earth) material will be placed in the Open division. These materials include but are not limited to: pulleys, springs, wire, metal of any type, or any man made fabrics.

RULE #2: Camp Shands staff will determine which division each catapult will compete in. The use of any prefabricated or manufactured material will place a catapult in the Open division. Only the launching device (i.e. bowl, towel, etc.) and the troop identification may be a non-natural material.

RULE #3: Scouts are to construct the entire catapult from beginning to end. Leaders may give guidance but are not to assist in tying lashings or participate in any other construction of the catapult. This is a Scout competition.

RULE #4: NO materials will be given to units upon arrival at Camp Shands. Units should have all the materials needed to construct their catapults.

RULE #5: Each Unit will have two opportunities to launch an object as far as possible.

RULE #6: No more than eight Scouts may be touching the Catapult at the time the launch is attempted. This will enable a more competitive and equal event among both large and small troops.

RULE #7: Each unit must identify their Catapult with at least their Troop #. This will allow the staff to identify each catapult and each unit participating. Catapults not identified may be disqualified.

RULE #8: Each unit is expected to remove all parts of their catapult and discard of it properly. Remember, Scouts leave things better than they found them. Any unit that does not clean their area will be disqualified from any and all recognitions/awards. Catapults or catapult materials may not be placed in the dumpsters.

RULE #9: Slingshots will NOT be allowed in this competition.

RULE #10: Troops must construct a “NEW” catapult. This event is intended to build teamwork, imagination and design.

RULE#11: Camp Shands staff will judge the competition. All ruling by the staff are final. If your unit is disqualified for any reason you may be allowed to participate, however your unit will not be competing for recognition/awards.