Policies & Procedures

Scouts, Scouters, and visitors will be expected to exemplify the Scout Oath and Law while in camp.

Adult Leadership
Unit Leaders should arrange for qualified leadership from your troop to accompany the Scouts to camp. Each troop must have a 21 year old registered leader present at camp and that leader must be current on the Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Training while at camp. All adults must have completed the BSA Youth Protection Training and have a copy of their training card. At least two adults must be at camp at all times.

Quiet Hours
Each Scout must remain in his/her campsite and observe quiet hours between 10 pm and 6 am.

Smoking Policy
Boy Scouts of America is to provide a smoke-free environment for all Scouting participants. Therefore, smoking is not allowed at Camp Shands in the presence of youth or in buildings. You may smoke only in the designated adult smoking area. This includes Vaping. Thank you for your assistance!

Alcohol & Drugs
Possession or use of any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or the misuse of any prescribed drug is expressly prohibited. Groups or individuals found in violation of this will be asked to leave camp immediately without refund.

Safety is paramount at Camp Shands! We ask that every parent or family member to check in at the Ames Lodge upon arrival.

To protect our camp and the Scouts, we ask that all vehicles be parked in the main parking lot. Only on Sunday and Saturday, vehicles will be allowed to transport gear to and from the campsite. Troops will be permitted to park their equipment trailer in their campsite, but no other vehicles are allowed at the campsite, including motor homes. Only the camp management can authorize vehicles in campsites. No exceptions, please!

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices
Scouts should not have a cell phone out in Merit Badge/program Sessions. If your Scouts want to bring their electronic devices they are more than welcome. They will be able to charge them at their campsite pavilion. They will have access to wifi for email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Camp Shands is NOT responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items.

Damaged Equipment
Scouts are expected to take care of all equipment they use. Sometimes, however, equipment is damaged and it needs to be replaced or repaired. If equipment is misused by the troop, the cost of any damaged equipment will be settled before the troop leaves camp on Saturday. Damages to equipment should be reported to the Camp Commissioner.

Damaged Equipment Fees
$99.00 Cot replacement
$499.00 Tent replacement
$39.00 Tarp replacement
$39.00 Fire Extinguisher refill
$650.00 Pavilion door replacement
$225.00 Pavilion screen replacement

Camp Shands requests you do not bring personal firearms or bows, however if you do, it must be checked in with the Shooting Sports Director upon arrival. Any items checked in will remain securely locked away in our armory until you are ready to depart camp. This will maintain
everyone’s safety at camp.

Bicycle Safety Rules
During 2020 we have made the decision of not allowing bicycles at camp due to safety concerns.

Pets are not permitted at Camp Shands. Only properly trained and identified service animals are allowed.

Restricted Areas
Scouts and leaders are restricted from the staff quarters at all times. Campsites of other troops are off limits and should not be visited or passed through without prior approval. No raids allowed!! Raids cause personal and property damage and will be grounds for removal from camp.

Emergency Procedures
Emergency procedures will be posted on camp bulletin boards and in all campsites. Scouts and leaders hearing the bell ring must report immediately to Meninak field without delay. Leaders must make their Scouts aware of this policy.

Health and Safety
All precautions for the safety of the Scouts will be taken. The First Aid Lodge is available with a qualified Health Officer on duty 24 hours a day. In the case of non-life-threatening injury, the troop leader will be asked to provide transportation to the hospital or elsewhere as directed. Emergency services will be called in the case of accidents of a more critical nature.

All refund requests must be made by email to Inga Glaspey, Camp Director, at Inga.Glaspey@NFCBSA.org.
Refunds will be given under these percentages and timeframes:
85% = two weeks before camp
60% = less than two weeks and until week of camp
40% = up to five days after camp
No refunds will be given for six or more days after camp has ended.
No refunds will be given to anyone removed from camp for any disciplinary actions.
Deposits are not refundable
Fees are transferable to another Scout in the same troop.