Xtreme Sports

At Camp Shands, we know that as scouts grow and change, so do their interests. That is why we are continuing an exciting program for older Scouts called xtreme sports. The program is designed to expose Scouts to a higher level of camping adventure with ATVs, climbing, and COPE.

Age restrictions do apply for some of these courses.

ATV Program

ATV programs have been used in council-run programs following National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) standards for some time now. The camp provides a safe introductory program into all-terrain vehicle use and operation following the safety training program of the ATV Safety Institute (ASI).


Scouts will learn the skills of climbing, rappelling, and belaying. They will have many opportunities to practice these throughout the week on our 60-foot climbing tower. 

  • Recommended age is 13 and older
  • Fee $25
  • 2-period class


The Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, or C.O.P.E., program is a week-long high adventure activity for older Scouts which teaches advanced teambuilding and problem solving skills. Scouts will learn to work as a group and function as a team to meet a series of high and low COPE elements. Camp Shands has one of the finest high ropes courses of any Boy Scout Camp. The goals of project COPE are to build leadership, self-esteem, decision-making, trust, and teamwork. This is accomplished by progressing, as a group, through a series of increasingly physical and mentally challenging exercises that require cooperation and teamwork to complete. 

  • Recommended age is 14 and older
  • Fee $25
  • 3-period class

Rappel Fun

Rappel down the tallest tower in the southeast. I hope you’re not afraid of heights!

Zipline Fun

Fly through the air at Camp Shands on our Zipline in the High COPE Course!
$10 per zip